Martial Applications

The postures of the Chen and Yang Styles of Taijiquan have martial applications for combat and self-defence purposes. Every posture has at least 1 of the 8 Gates / 8 Energies, which is one of the principal concepts of Taijiquan, dominating the movement.

Each of the 8 Gates has a martial energy and it’s application consists of different degrees of yin and yang.

The 8 Gates are:

1. Peng (Ward Off)
2. Lu (Roll Back)
3. Ji (Press)
4. An (Push)

5. Cai (Pull Down)
6. Lie (Split)
7. Zhou (Elbow)
8. Kao (Shoulder)

Push Hands (Tui Shou)

Also known as Sticking Hands, teaches the application of the movements associated with the Four Directions (Peng, Lu, Ji and An) and is a rhythmical, non-competitive exercise between 2 people.   The aim is to feel the sensitivity of your partner’s energy, intention and movement.

This allows you to use their strength to your advantage. It is the motion of absorbing energy and re-applying.   The movement is continuous and flowing with no starting or stopping and is called Sticking Hands because you don’t lose contact with each other.

Chin Na (Seize and Lock)

Chin Na Is a set of joint lock techniques used to control or lock an opponent’s joints or muscles/tendons so they cannot move, thus neutralising the opponent’s fighting ability.

The word “Chin” means “to seize or trap” and “Na” means “to lock or break” and “control”.